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Dave Flanders

Job Search Educational Programs

Since 1968 we have helped thousands of people find new jobs by teaching them successful job search processes. We feel this is our opportunity to "give back" and "share" what we have learned from working with employers over all of these years.

We have developed a "New High School Grad Job Search Program" that includes a guide for high schools to give to their graduating students. It is a step by step guide for the new grad to use to find a summer job, a part time job while attending college, or a full time job for those grads that are not going to immediately attend college. It helps the new grads find the employers who are willing to hire a new high school grad. As a rule these employers do not advertise these positions so they can be quite a challenge to find.

We offer a "Recent College Grad Job Search Program" that has proven to be very successful in helping new college graduates find their first job. Many new grads are not finding the job ads posted on the Internet to be very productive in their job search. We teach a "networking" based job search process that seems to work very well for new grads. We have been teaching this process to recent grads for over 40 years.

We developed an addition to the job search program used in the workshops delivered by the University of Missouri Extension Service for the Division of Workforce Development for the State of Missouri.

Another of our job search educational programs is a program that is to be used by military veterans who are transitioning to civilian jobs. We asked Lt. Colonel Bob Krenzel, an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, who was recently teaching at the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas to test our program in his job search. Lt. Colonel Krenzel told us that he found our program to be exceedingly helpful in his successful job search and would highly recommend it to any veteran who is making this transition.

We built a program for the Village Presbyterian Church in Prairie Village Kansas. They have been using it since 2010 to help people in their community find new jobs. 40% of the very first group that used our program found new jobs within 90 days of starting the program. This continues to be a very successful program that they are still using.

We built and delivered a program to Avila University that taught their students how to build a "professional employment network", while still in college.

We are currently testing a new program that teaches high school students how to build a "professional employment network" while in high school. One goal of this program is to help high school students find part time jobs and invitations to visit employers for job shadowing. We believe that the employer can become a very important part of the learning process for high school students.

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